28 March 2007

bitten by the crabby bug.

so. i didn't sleep well last night. the night before i went to bed an hour before i had to get up. this contributed greatly to a crabby state today. all day long: through out my shift at work, my planned lunch outing with colleagues, the much anticipated afternoon meeting and even through a visit with a colleague and her brand new one week old (& incredibly adorable) baby girl.
crabby. crabby. crabby. crabby.
i arrive at home with a nap and a snack on my mind & I see it. A big box addressed to me. my new camera! i am elated and so my night of photo sessions begins & amazingly, my crabbiness disappears.

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  1. Props for joinging the blogging world. I'm so excited!! and a new camera, too! This is going to make your blogging world so much more fun. What kind of camera is it? Maybe we can compare notes as I've recently (as in a few months ago) purchased a new camera myself. Anyway, love the blog, my friend. have a great, uncrabby day.