12 August 2007

reunited with the PNW

Last week I spent a few days back in my college home of the Pacific Northwest. I have been back to the PNW probably 5 or 6 times since I moved back to Minneapolis in 2001. But this time was a bit different as I saw so many people that I had not seen in years and in some cases, met their children. I counted: I saw 24 people that I had not seen in 6 years. 6 years! how crazy and for the most part, after the intial "So, what have you been up to?", I really felt as though no time had passed. that is true friendship.

jason, jason & ted.
3 staples in my social circle
through out college.

Amelia is the new little daughter of my friend, nora.

Meet Rowan, Meg & Peter's son.

This is Erik. Erik is now a professional eater.

more to come!


  1. I'm thinking that maybe in all the time you were here we never took a picture together. Can it be true?


  2. it's totally true. i noticed this as I feverishly searched my photos for one of just you (there isn't any of those either)! oh well, I guess I'll just have to come back real soon. real soon.