27 September 2007

i heart metric.

my favorite shows are those which are spent in the front so close to artist on stage you can see what color socks they are wearing. or you dance and dance and it's so much fun when the show is over you go home & put the album on to dance some more.
last night's metric show has been added to the list.
my friend, jessie & I went to the show. mingled, watched from afar, went out to smoke when we heard "Hustle Rose" starting we gasped, "we should go in for this one."
so we did. right to the front where we danced and giggled in awe of front woman, Emily Haines.
we went out for a smoke and came in and danced the rest of the show in the back of the club. so fun.
we left the show with giant smiles on our faces and giggled all the way home.


  1. It is mean to recommend a band without providing links. ;)

  2. i don't know how to..will you give me a tutorial? however, if you look to the left in the "what's in my stereo" column you'll see a link to metric. xoxx