17 October 2007

The Nerd Gown.

i have a very large collection of sleepwear. Most are vintage, whispy nightdresses that I've found at thrift stores and estate sales. They are all unique in style and color. They litter the doornobs of our bathrooms and the underspace of our bed pillows. I take a lot of pride in my sleepwear collection and probably have enough to reserve one piece for every week of the year. I have a few favorites and a handful I have only slept in once. I might even venture to suggest that some nights I agonize over which nightdress to wear as much as I would over what clothes to wear for the day. Sometimes I smile for a whole day at a unique nightdress that I've found. This type of find leaves me feeling so much anticipation to put it on when I go to bed that sometimes I'm tempted to go to bed hours early.
When it gets cold those whispy nightdresses just don't cut it. it's time to take out my Cuddleduds: a thick, cotton nightgown complete with polo collar and long sleeves. It's ankle length, white with blue flowers all over it. The Nerd Gown. A Christmas gift from my mother one year. I unwrapped it and politely noted how warm it would be to sleep in, "Thank you SO much." I brought it home and put it in my drawer with no intention to ever take it out again, let alone wear it.
Then January arrived and changed that. January is the coldest month in Minnesota. So cold that sometimes it seems no matter how many blankets you pile on your bed you still wake in the middle of the night FREEZING which prohibits any kind of useful sleep. It was this cold that moved me to abandon my cute, colorful nightdresses & throw on the Nerd Gown. I get through the shock of the cold damp of October and the aforementioned unfathomably cold January with the embrace and warmth of my lovely Nerd Gown. No middle of the night FREEZING, no way, in The Nerd Gown I always sleep through the night quite productively. xoxx

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