26 November 2007

a pefect sunday.

I caught up over brunch at victor's & a walk around Lake Calhoun with my great friend, Miako who recently played lots of phone tag me and endured many canceled plans on my part. Later, I had a few really nice finds thrifting at Savers. A little time with Handsome Randy before I headed off to psycho suzi's to have a beer and some pickle roll ups with my pal, Josh who was in town from New York. And what would a Sunday night be for me if I didn't end up at my aunt PAL's? I arrived around 11, beer and pickle roll ups on my breath in time to watch the day's episode of Brothers and Sisters (via the technology of VHS recordings, thank you very much) as I enjoyed a nice refreshing RC and caught up on family gossip. My last stop was grumpy's ne where I crashed a "bro down" in order to give Handsome Randy his biking gloves he'd left behind on Thanksgiving. I chugged a small glass of magner's leaving HR and his Bros to continue downing whiskey and old yarns. My final stop was walgreens. My hairdye is on sale this week for $4 off and I thought I'd stock up.

Catching up with 2 good friends, thrift store finds, family gossip over RC, cheap hair dye and being the sole reason a "bro down" takes a recess. Nothing more could have made my sunday more perfect.


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