01 November 2007

pretty good, for Halloween.

I had a great Halloween. I think one of the best ever.
Pippi Longstocking was a hit & I had a fantastic time at work as her. She gave me a bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eye.
Work was preceded by a nice adventure with my friend, Anthony. I ran into Anthony unexpectedly and finally ended up at Grumpy's Downtown, a bar Handsome Randy & I frequent.
This is the best part of the night...
Anthony & I sit down at the bar and order a couple of pints. When they arrive we are invited to carve pumpkins. So we do & it's really fun We eat tater tots & concentrate hard on our masterpieces not saying a word to one another for moments at a time. We're nearly done when server Kim comes over and declares to Anthony that she hopes he wins.
Wins what?
The Pumpkin Carving contest.
!! We had no idea.
We press on and smirk over the prospect of Anthony winning and laugh about if he really would win..ha ha ha.
Well guess what? He does! He won the contest. We couldn't believe it.

Anthony's Winning Jack O' Lantern & My Keebler Elf look alike
Happy Halloween!