12 December 2007

I'm a bad book clubber.

my workplace is on Minneapolis' Nicollet Mall. many people work on "The Mall", but those of us who are in the restaurant industry have a special bond. While we don't all know each other well, we do know who each other are and nod to one another on the street and overtip when visiting each other's establishments.

A couple of months ago I was on a double shift and had a little time to kill before my evening shift. It was rainy and cold outside so I ended up at the giant bookstore a block down. I was perusing the magazines when Joe tapped me on the shoulder. Joe works at a restaurant kiddy corner from the restaurant of which I work. We chatted comiserating over our shift start times when from the corner of my eye I saw a display for The Kite Runner. Handsome Randy's sister, Beth, had recently passed the book onto me & I was just finishing it up. I asked Joe if he'd read it, he hadn't but was hoping to. I told him he should absolutely read it & I'd bring the copy I had to work the next day so could borrow it. He excitedly agreed and promised to bring me a book as well.

sweet, let's trade books all the time! we plotted a book club.

I finished the book that night and forgot to bring the book to work. Joe didn't forget. He showed up just as my shift was ending, book for me in hand. Joe gave me a small smile when I told him I forgot his. I took the book and promised I'd have his tomorrow.

well, it's 2 months later. I still haven't remembered to bring the book and I run into Joe several times a week. Joe is someone who I look forward to running into, he really great to talk to. But since our book club agreement I dread seeing because I keep forgetting to bring him the damn book and he always looks so hopeful, as though this may be the time I pull it out and hand it to him. it never is.

Bringing the book for Joe is one of those things that I think about as I'm getting ready to leave for work and then forget until I'm en route. It is still in the place it has been since I finished reading it, on the second stair near the back door. I placed it here so I would see it on my way out & grab it for Joe. Well, now it's just become part of the landscape; I see it, but don't really register what it is.

well, I've turned a new leaf. I just put The Kite Runner in my bag and now I bring it to Joe tomorrow before work and will look forward to running into him once again.
Joe. Sweet, patient Joe will finally have the coveted novel to read.



  1. I'm envious of your book clubbing. I wish I had more time to sink into a good book and share it with friends. It's just hard to find people that are as into Mack Bolan as I am.

  2. I'm so glad you actually put in your bag instead of just blogging about it!

    I need to bring a brighter light bulb for my lamp at work. (easer than requisitioning on, don't ask) and I remembered in the shower this morning. I was all. "LIGHTBULB LIGHTBULB LIGHTBULB" as I got ready, but alas, I did not follow through.

  3. This post rings so true at my house. I always feel badly when I forget to bring promised items, and yet, I still forget things. You captured this perfectly.

    I am a bad book clubber because I can never seem to finish the books I start. I suppose that might just make me a bad reader.