31 December 2007


well, 2007 is nearly over - only five hours left. tonight, my sister, kati (whose visiting from Kansas City) her friend, Bridget, my friend, Emma & I are having a marvelous dinner at The 112 Eatery and then off to see Brother Ali at First Avenue's 7th Street Entry. Should be a fantastic time. But before good times are had, I thought might look back on all the excitement of 2007...oh and how exciting it was! I started this blog and purchased my fantastic camera in the late winter/early spring. Both of which have provided me with very nice outlets for...I don't know...stuff. I suppose they have provided me with a canvas for all the thoughts & ideas that come in and out of my mind.

With Spring came traveling: New York, Atlanta & L.A. Through out the summer I was consumed with taking extra long bike rides, picture taking, and trying to rid myself of The Hives. I turned 29 while traveling though the Great Pacific Northwest visiting old friends from college. A week later, Handsome Randy turned 40 in Arizona and I surprised him with a quick birthday visit. It was priceless and that day is at the top of the list for my favs in 07.

With Autumn came another trip to New York, a lot of business at work and a promise to myself to work out more despite the cold weather. Autumn also brought Wyatt, the first baby in my family in a very long time.

There are a few things I didn't do that I wanted to, but I won't go into that, I'll just roll those over to my aspirations for 08.

I also have a lot to be grateful for: I am part of a some really great families, I have fantastic friends, and a partner in crime that couldn't be more perfect. I am warm each night that I go to bed and I have never had to go hungry. I am healthy and able. But most importantly, I made it though yet another year and have very few, if any, regrets.

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