03 January 2008

hopes & dreams for 08.

An old college mate, Jesse posted this on her blog. In reading it I was tagged and a little inspired. I hadn't really figured out a way to articulate my hopes and dreams for 08 yet and this seems like a pretty good way to spark my thoughts.

1. A democrat will be elected in November.
2. To travel overseas, even if only for a few days.
3. To increase my income.
4. To visit my dad in Kansas City, and bring Handsome Randy with me.
5. Handsome Randy's work travels enable me to travel to new places!

1. To figure out a way to make a living that does not include waiting tables but is as social and rewarding.
2. To hone in on one (or two) of my art mediums and explode with it.
3. To do a better job of marketing and talking myself up. This is probably the toughest one!
4. To volunteer on a regular basis for a women centered organization.
5. To look forward to 8.3.08 (my 30th birthday) instead of dread it.

1. A conservative will be elected in November.
2. I won't find a different way to make a living.
3. I'll find a new way to make a living & hate it.

1. More friends will have babies.
2. More friends will get married.
3. I will find a new way to earn money and I will love it. love it!
4. Some traveling will be done.
5. A democrat will be elected.

we will see. best of luck to myself as I trudge into the New Year with my hopes and dreams written on my sleeve (& my blog).

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