05 February 2008

super tuesday

Tomorrow in my state (Minnesota) we are caucusing for Presidential candidates & I am in a quandry. I was all about John Edwards & my plan was to stand up for him tomorrow night at my caucus site. But he's dropped out and I am a truly undecided voter heading to the polls.

Hillary Clintron
I don't know about her. Once upon a time I thought she was so neat, I even read her autobiography in two days. A strong & admirable woman indeed. But, she's a little too slippery. And as my grandfather says, "She has her feet in the past and her hands in special interests."

Barack Obama
I remember when Barack Obama spoke at the '04 DFL National Convention. It was magical & I secretly wished he was our candidate then thinking we would be sure to win with such a dynamic person on the ticket. Now he could be and I could support him, and I always planned to in the event that Edwards dropped out, but the debate on MLK day made me feel unsure. The sparring between he & Clinton made me leary.

A friend recently urged me to think back on my initial response to both candidates when I first learned of them, and then of their presidential campaign. I am doing this and this, I believe will help me come to the conclusion for tomorrow night.

If you need to know where your caucus is tomorrow night, go here for DFL and here for GOP.


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