27 February 2008

this is what it has come to.

Tonight I purchased a hand vacuum and I am so excited.
ugh. this is what it has come to, I guess.

Remember the days when vacuuming & laundry were the most after of after thoughts?
Not so much an afterthought anymore.

The stairs leading up to our bedroom are filthy and every time I climb them I notice more dirt in the very corners of each stair. Our vacuum is light, but bulky and much to wide to do the trick.

So last week I started eyeing the hand vacuums (i.e. dustbuster) at Target. Do you know that Dyson sells a hand vacuum that comes with all sorts of promises and whistles for $150? $150!

Well, I went with the Dirt Devil Scorpian Vibe and it only set me back $20. The first thing I did upon arriving home this evening was take it out & vacuum those dirty stairs, and it worked really great.

I feel so much better.


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  1. I bet your socks and feet are thanking you too. :)