04 March 2008

The Good Old Days

As you may have gathered, I really like to reminisce. Ah, yes, the Good Old Days.

The other day I told Handsome Randy how fun I thought it would be if we were our current ages but only it was 1984. 1984 seems to be so grand to me, the shoes, the music, & no cell phones, maybe even a rotary dial phone if you're lucky. He scoffed and reminded me that he was a teenager in 1984 & that time period sucked. Whatever, he knows we'd have a good time.
Well, I stumbled upon this chair while I was out thrift store shopping today and it took me back to my mother's living room circa 1984. This fantastic wingback chair graced the presence of our living room with a matching sofa from the time my parents married in 1977 (wedding gifts from their parents) until my mom redecorated around 1991.

I am such a nerd. I stood in front of this chair (not my mom's old one by the way just a copy) & thought of times in that living room such as watching Diff'rent Strokes on our gigantic console television while I ate Hostess Ho Hos. Then I took a series of photos and giggled as my fellow shoppers looked at me sideways.



  1. It's weird how objects like that can take you back. I ran across a piece of my parent's wedding casual china at a thrift store and I got all excited. It was the stuff we ate off of until, I don't know, probably sometime in the 90's but I hadn't thought about it in such a long time.