17 March 2008

tough times with milk.

I love milk. I love cheese. And I love yogurt.

Perhaps a symptom of growing up in the midwest, who knows. But every day I eat at least one serving of all three, for the benefits of the protein, calcium (no osteoporosis worries here!) and of course the fabulous taste and flavors.

Lately I am in a place where I eat a scrambled egg or two with various ingredients as a meal, typically lunch or late dinner. I love to drink milk with this dish. A few days ago I scrambled my egg with a half tomato, a little spinach & a smidgen of Gouda. I sat down at our dining room table ravenous with my scramble and a nice tall glass of milk. I took a few bites and took a gigantic swig of milk.

What I tasted was the most foul thing ever: sour milk and amazingly for the very first time.
Well, I immediately ran to the kitchen & spit the milk in the sink and poured a big tall glass of grape juice to get rid of the taste. My appetite was ruined but I choked the scramble down anyway.

Later on I went to the grocery store and bought a new half gallon of milk. This time a different organic brand (not because of the sour milk experience, but because this brand distributes their milk in a glass jug and I like that). I came home made a half of pb&J took a swig of milk & it tasted funny. Almost like the smell of a barn filled with animals, sheep to be specific. I'm not sure where sheep came from as I grew up in the city with minimal contact of farm animals, but sheep is what came to mind. I didn't finish the glass, nor did I throw out the carton of milk. I figured I just was a little sensitive to milk tastes since the sour milk experience.

Not so much.

Tonight I made another scramble of sorts and took a deep breath: I was going to give that milk a second chance.

Oh, I'm not sensitive. The smell of a sheep barn taste was definitely still there only stronger. So I pulled out the old grape juice again and dumped the carton of milk down the sink.



  1. Oh no!!! That's so, so awful. Milk shouldn't be ruined for anyone, let alone a true milk lover, like you. Maybe you just need to work through this challenging time. Right?! What will you have will cookies if you can't have milk?

  2. Hi Noreen!
    Thankfully, I have worked for this challenging time. New carton of milk purchased and tested, all is well!