19 May 2008

my dad on TV.

Last night the TV was on. I wasn't really watching, it was just on. Ever do this? Just to have a little extra noise when your home alone? I find myself doing this a lot when Handsome Randy is on the road.

So last night. The TV was on, I was doing something with itunes & not paying attention to the the TV at all. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice a man on TV who looks a lot like my dad. I look up & pay attention. It is my dad.

A kind of snarky true crime program called Suburban Secrets committed an episode around a case my dad and his team solved a couple of years ago. I wasn't totally surprised, this case received a lot of media attention & even landed my dad a little cameo on America's Most Wanted.

So there he was. On my television, walking across the screen leading a guy in handcuffs, as I sat on my sofa on a Saturday night.


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