08 May 2008


Today I flew from L.A. to Minneapolis via Denver. My flight from L.A. to Denver left at 6:20am so I needed to be at LAX around 4ish. I was in L.A. visiting Handsome Randy who is on the road working. He & his entourage were pulling out of L.A. at 3:30am & the show their doing ended around 2am. Needless to say, I never went to bed. This almost cost me. Almost.

HR & I said our goodbyes around 3:15 & I left for the airport. But I was tired, so very tired. A good part of the drive consisted of me fantasizing of sleep. Sleeping at the airport, sleeping on the plane and finally sleeping in my bed. Well, I guess I got lost in these thoughts & ultimately got lost driving a route I have driven a million times: The Santa Monica Freeway to the San Diego freeway to the Century Exit.

Somehow I ended up on the wrong highway and due to my sleep fantasies I didn't notice for probably 15 miles. When I did I turned around retraced my steps & started over. An hour after I kissed my sweet man goodbye I found myself at the rental car agency. This trip should have taken 20 minutes tops.

So I turn in the car, shuttle bus it to the airport, check-in, etc etc & get to the gate for my flight with an hour before boarding time. Sweet. I can take that nap I've been dreaming about. I find a row of chairs with no arms & take out my travel blanket & pillow and fall asleep. This was only supposed to be a cat nap, but I fell asleep so hard that when I woke up it was over an hour later and they were about to close the doors to the airplane that was supposed to take me to Denver. I was the last person who boarded the flight.

Lucky lucky lucky.

Imagine how much that would have sucked. Missing my flight not because I didn't make it to the airport or because I was holed up in security, but because I was sleeping at the gate & slept through all the boarding calls.


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