05 May 2008

my real weekend: Friday night (to be followed with Saturday later)

working the job that I do it is so rare to have a series of days & nights off that fall on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I did this weekend by pure chance & I made really good use of it.

Friday was a night with the fam. My uncle Chris turned 52 so there was dinner & cake to be had with my aunts, uncles & cousins. Additionally, my grandpa & his writing group were also hosting a reading that night. So got to see & celebrate something with everyone, how nice!
The birthday was great - so fun. I got to see so many members of my family & exchange stories making each other oooh & aaah or laugh really hard. I always leave family gatherings on that side (The Langers) marveling at our individual rhythms of laughter & how similar we all are to one another & how we just are together in a room. Reminiscing (of course) & making fun of each other..I savor all of it & it really keeps me happy.

Gramps' reading was great - I really feel lucky to have such a talented & active grandpa (who is nearly 88 by the way). He read two pieces, one poem called "Ode to the Walleye" which is pretty self explanatory, the other was called "Power to the People" which was a brief prose about his lobbying days at the state legislature. At the reading they had a compilation book of the groups favorite pieces for sale. Gramps put together & bound by hand all 15 of the books for sale (which were sold for cost, not profit) & they were pretty cool looking.
I was home by 11 & just was there..putzing with my keyboard, laundry and enjoying being home. I went to bed so relaxed, more than I've been in a long time. It was great. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about Saturday..xoxx
p.s. Aunts Stephanie & Kathy - this post was posted by monday morning for you...to make your monday morning that much easier. Thanks for reading so often...love you.

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