20 September 2008

the end of an era.

About 2 years ago I purchased in clear orange plastic pitcher at Target. It was winter I remember, & I had no idea what I would do with it. But it went well in our kitchen and was only $1, so in The Target Cart it went. I thought it was a frivelous purchase and weighed the notion that it might end up in the Goodwill box sooner than later, but purchased it anyway.

That day, it ended up above the cupboards where all the old dishes go that we can't quite get rid of but certainly don't use. It was hard to spot and didn't have much use, but it sure looked good in our kitchen with Orange accents. That pitcher added to the decor, at least that's what I told myself. But it turned out the dollar was well spent.

Spring came and so did our porch garden of many, many potted flowers and plants. The Orange Pitcher became the watering can (finally a use!). Winter came and to the top of the cupboard it went for hibernation. This spring I pulled it down and the watering began again.
Every morning I make five trips from our kitchen sink to the front porch to water the 15 or so potted flowers, tomato plants and herbs with that Orange Pitcher. Thanks to that watering routine I've been eating delicious porch grown tomatoes since mid August and I get a nice whiff of Rosemary every time I step outside. The Marigolds, Impatients and Bogognias bloom daily and I revel in our porch garden among the flowers reading and taking naps. Every once in a while when I am watering I marvel at how far the pitcher has come, and for only a dollar.

Well, sorry to say, no more.

Today as I was watering and en route from the kitchen sink to the porch, I heard a little crackle accompanied by a weird sensation in my hand. I looked down and the handle gave way and the pitcher went crashing to the floor along with the gallon of water inside. It shattered immediately and broke into 25 pieces.

And me, Ms. Nostalgia truly considered saving a piece or two just because.

I didn't do that.

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