20 October 2008

MN Elected Officials are Making Me Proud.

Not really.
US Representive, Michele Bachmann (Republican, MN 6th district) is concerned that Barack Obama has Anti-American views.
Bravo Michele, you have finally illustrated to the world that you are certifiably crazy. This is the woman who once hid in hedges at protest of a same sex marriage amendment (against same sex marriage) that she authored. How anyone could take her seriously after that let alone elect her is beyond me. She may be from Minnesota, but she's not my congress person.

So, I watched this interview this afternoon & at some point I chose to be amused rather than agitated. And as I watched, especially toward the end, it was a challenge not to fall off my chair laughing. I do think she believes what she is saying, but at the same time it sounds as though she is making it all up as she goes along. On & on she goes digging herself deeper and deeper into the abyss all but saying that Liberal = Anti-American. Really Michele? Chris Matthews does a nice job of highlighting her faulty logic.

Here, you watch.

Laughing yet? Try - it goes easier that way.

The best part of all of this? Colin Powell has now publicly endorsed Barack Obama & spoken out against the character attacks the McCain Campaign has gotten so good at crafting in recent weeks. I cheered as I watched this one. Maybe you'll cheer too.

While I am enjoying the election immensely - due to recent events I am beginning to be at the point where I am counting the days til it is all over.
More sooner than later.

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  1. Just a week and the ads will be over. Thank goodness. Though I will miss the SNL skits and all the jokes on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.