26 October 2008

Partner on Tour Survival Tool #39

Video Chat.
Handsome Randy & I have been pretty lucky with the tour he is currently on. He is gone for approximately 10 weeks & when all is said & done we will have not gone longer than 18 days without seeing one another. This is pretty amazing & has made the tour quite pleasant. But I have moments when stomp around because I'm a little lonely or feeling a little neglected. While my outlook and attitude is ideal for our situation (I don't mind having the house to myself) my morale has been known to falter.
The other night I was just about to go to bed & I get a text from HR that reads, "Turn on your iChat!" I do, we connect & video chat for an hour giggling and hanging out even though he's in Ohio & I'm in Minnesota. We sign off & I feel like I've seen him in person (sort of) & my morale is flying high.


  1. We do this with skype with Grandparents all the time. It is the best. I touched Jenny's belly on my computer screen the other day, when she was at my sisters and we were skyping. I couldn't stop crying for an hour!