15 November 2008

Little Lhasa.

11 days since my last post? What?! Where have I been?
LAZY. Well, sort of. Working lots & feeling too lazy to write when I get home.
But here's a good one for you.

A few days ago I was walking down Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. As I was walking a noticed a person kneeling and petting a black & white Lhasa Apso. As I approached, the person stood up & walked away & the dog turned & walked the other direction. I looked around & no one looked to be particularly interested in this dog as though it were theirs. So I too knelt down to pet Little Lhasa. I felt for a collar & there wasn't one & I immediately decided this dog was lost.

I was on my way to work and started plotting how I might get this dog to a place where it would be safer. Just then a person walking another, much bigger dog approached & Little Lhasa got spooked and trotted away. It crossed the street with the crosswalk & I follow. I'm calling, "Here little dog, here little dog". The dog ignores me & turns the corner after crossing the street. I then notice it is following a very gruff looking man. A man who is tall, burly & solidly buff. He is wearing a plaid flannel shirt & worn jeans. He does not look like the kind of person who would have a Lhasa Apso. He reminds me of my uncle, Chris & he has a German Shepherd. This man also does not look like he would be walking around downtown Minneapolis carrying a flowered soft sided small pet carrier (which he was). But I guess you never know. So I called to him, "Is that your dog?" He turns & looks at me with a grunt & keeps walking, I call again, the little dog keeps following and the man ignores me so I give up feeling embarrassed & a little bit like the old lady in me was a little to obvious today.

A little while later I was at a coffee shop killing the last few minutes before I had to got to work & noticed two women outside petting Little Lhasa. They are smiling and chatting up the gruff man who is also smiling. After a while the man snaps his fingers and Little Lhasa gets into it's carrier & they get on the bus.


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