09 December 2008

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I've been a total slacker lately. But this is a post I had started & not finished & then the moment was over & I felt that maybe it was passe. But, I have come to think differently..so, pardon me, this post is a month or so late, but it is going up!

Originally written 11.5.08
I am so elated. The last 24 hours have been amazing.

Every presidential election day is like a holiday for me. I revel in the excitement & the news updates. I am glued to the radio or TV at all times. This one was the best & most exciting so far.

Handsome Randy & I stood in line for nearly two hours to vote today. It was great. People were driving by honking & waving & shouting their candidate's name (mostly Obama). We were given cookies & candybars by kind people who wanted to nourish their fellow voters. For the past few weeks I have been amazed by the signs for Obama, not the volume, but the manner in which they are presented: On sidewalks, bicycles (spoke cards & on the frame), handmade signs in windows of houses and businesses and graffiti. Below I posted a few of my favs.
The energy of today blew my mind. EVERYONE was excited, and when Obama was announced as the next president, Cheers errupted in the streets, horns were honking & pans were clanking with excitement. At 3 in the morning I drove HR back to the tour bus so he could finish the tour - we approached a stoplight with 50+ people dancing & cheering in honor of Obama.
I don't remember any excitement of this kind over any election in my memory.
So many people are happy; I can't wait to see what the next 4 years will bring.


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