25 April 2009

Feelin' Fresh with a New 'Cut

When I get my haircut I am always at the point where I cannot stand my hair for one more second. I have been there for the last 10 days. When I called to make an appointment with my stylist & was told the next opening was in 10 days I thought, "Ten Days! How will I make it?"
Well obviously it wasn't that hard. And in truth all I wanted & needed was a trim, so nothing is drastically different. But man oh man does it ever feel amazing to have a new cut. xoxx

And then there's the separate issue of the photo I used courtesy of my iPhoto Booth. Will you promise not to laugh if I admit that I spent ten minutes posing for, taking and re-taking photos for this blog post. Yes. Yes, I did. And the worst part about that? The photo above is the best one of the lot.


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