14 May 2009

Sir Terrible

The drive from Minneapolis to Kansas City is pretty boring. It's 475 miles driveway to driveway. 430 of those miles are bor-ring farmscapes. Not even the cows, horses and pigs type of farmscape (I saw maybe 10 cows the entire way) it's all fields. Yes this can be pretty as there is a lot of green. But there aren't really any rolling hills and there are very few landmarks outside of freeway exit signs.

Bor - ring.

The most exciting moment in my drive to Kansas City has traditionally been when I cross over "Pole Cat Creek" somewhere in northern Missouri. When I cross over it I will say in a horrible, fake southern accent,"POLE CAT CREEEEEEK!" (Note that the extended "eeeee" in creek is said in a higher pitch than the rest). This is very entertaining and I usually crack myself up for a good 2 or 3 minutes with this antic.

I usually make this drive alone.

I can't imagine why no one would want ride with me.

Well I Pole Cat Creek was nearly upstaged on this journey. As I drove south on I-35 I could see something in the horizon. It was something I had never seen before.

I was kind of excited.

Terrible's Casino in Southern Iowa erected a new sign since last summer. Isn't he striking?

This means that there are now two exciting landmarks on the drive to Kansas City. And, thanks to this sign I have a brand new official stopping point for gas, snacks & bathroom.

I was so excited to see it that on the way back to Minneapolis I made a point to stop (well that and it is my official stopping place too) and took a photo. I did wish I had a road trip companion as I would have loved my photo taken with the very striking man, Terrible.


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  1. Girl, I will make this trip with u if it's the last thing I do. That's almost as good as a Big Boy sign/monument.