28 June 2009

Finishing Sentences.

Thank you, Camille, for sharing this on your blog. This was a nice one & I felt it was too good to pass up.

I recorded the first thing that popped into my head upon reading each phrase.

Outside my window
The quiet night, a wet street that leaves evidence of yet another fabulous summer storm & some drunkards stumbling home from that one bar by our house.

I am thinking
about the inclinations I have and the emotions that arise in me because of them. Yep, pretty vague.

I am thankful for
my job. My handsome partner in crime and the love I incessantly feel for and from him. Our home, our impending home (wherever it may be) & all that lies ahead for us in that realm. My pals and comrades, my family. My talents. My everlasting optimism. My cats. The opportunities I have had and those that are coming my way.

From the kitchen
lots avocado, olive oil & sea salt lunches, a pretty mean cold press in the fridge & the best fresh whipped cream you will ever have.

I am wearing
this great brown calico 70s dress that I recently acquired from Rewind.

I am creating
songs, baby blankets, dresses, stories & other writes, photos, and a plan for my post apron wearing life.

I am going
to go crazy from anticipation. I will post a more detailed post when I know something. I don't know when this will be as we've been waiting for nearly 3 months as it is.

I am reading
Vodka Neat, a mystery recommended by grandfather.

I am hoping
for continued prosperity in health, love & happiness through my life.

I am hearing .
the podcast that I am listening to (The Story), Asha the cat meowing intermittently, the hummmmmm of the fridge, cars driving by and the splashes of water their motion causes.

Around the house
it's a little too quiet; HR is on tour.

One of my favorite things
falling asleep to the music of a thunderstorm on a hot, hot summer night.

A few plans for the rest of the week
a ladies bbq, lots of work, bike rides, matt & sara's wedding(!!) & a pedicure.

A picture to share
This my friend, Becca & her sister Emma. We Rocked The Garden last weekend & had the best Saturday ever in the process. I love this photo - it was a great moment & I was excited to have captured it.


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