23 July 2009

Getting in Focus.

Today is Thursday yet it seems like maybe it should be Tuesday. The last few days have been a blur as I have been so sick with some stupid virus that for two whole days left me sleeping in our bed or on the bathroom floor because it required me to be in there so often. Yes, it was that kind of virus. Good times.

And now I am left thirsty (a little dehydrated yet), hungry (a little skiddish to eat my regular stuff) and trying to get that blur into a focused picture. Handsome Randy is leaving today for a month long tour. The last few days of his homestay were not spent in the usual nor ideal ways. I was cranky, critical & crabby which probably made it quite hard to want buy me much needed Gatorade. But he smiled, kissed my forehead, took me to the doctor and brought me Gatorade and bananas despite his very real work deadlines and crabby ladyfriend.

Yesterday when I came to and it hit me that he was leaving in less than 24 hours I wanted to cry. Actually I did cry for a good solid minute and I felt such dispair for having been so out of it and so sick and so crabby that I think it made me feel worse rather than better.

But this happens everytime I am sick. When I come out of it it's almost as if I mourn the time I've lost from being ill. Everything feels out of whack as I haven't been to work, the house is a mess and I never once watered my plants. The feeling of neglect toward my life is overhwhelming. So I do what comes best to me, I cry. Then I wipe my nose, water my plants and slowly put my routine back in motion. It all gets better that way.

While HR was home we definitely accomplished our mission and bought a house, one we both love and can hardly wait to make our own. I, gleefully, have been granted full license to choose colors and what we do with our extra bedrooms as he is just happy to have a "comfy house". In the midst of my virus, we had our house inspected. While it is all kind of a blur to me, it was nice to just be there for two hours. We sat around talking and it was so comfortable and filled with nice energy. Fillmore Street will be a great place for us. We can hardly wait.

So here's to being virus free, lucky enough to have a partner who is not only Handsome but very patient and forgiving of his sick lady and to our upcoming and very happy home.


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  1. I hate being sick and all the loss of routine it brings. Glad you're feeling better, Dahli. Congratulations on your new home, too. It must feel like such a welcome step for you and Randy. I'm sad I haven't met him yet. If my parents hadn't moved from Minnesota, I might actually have a chance to, but alas, I feel like the only time I'll be in MN now is when someone dies. Yikes, that's sad. Anyway, glad you're better girl. :)