02 February 2010


A few months ago, Randy & I were talking about, well I don't remember what we were talking about, but as we were talking it occurred to me that I should tell him something. So I did.

"Just so you know, I am ready to get married whenever you are."

He stared at me with what I think was curiosity (he may beg to differ), and I went on to articulate exactly what I meant and how I hoped we could go about doing things, when he too was ready, of course.

And so the ball started to roll. We talked often about our impending nuptials, marriage, being married, being a spouse and we talked about our hypothetical wedding. Somehow we seemed to agree on almost everything pertinent to the matter at hand.

And then he was ready. Just like that. As simply as had I told him the month before, he said to me one night, "I'm ready, we should figure all of this out soon."

And the plotting began.

Yesterday morning I woke up and sat at our dining room table listening to the day begin with such intensity. It was snowing outside. My favorite kind of snow, light & fluffy but full bodied flakes. This was the kind of snow that enticed my grandmother to love snowy days. And so on my wedding day, this kind of snow falling down calmed me a little bit & I took it as a little sign that grandma Bette was smiling on me & wishing me a lovely, perfect day.

And I did have a perfect day. I was a little anxious, of course so I kept myself busy with Lunch with one of my oldest friends (Natalie) and the most incredible massage ever at Spot Spa. I gussied myself up a little bit & then drank tea at a coffee house & looked over my vows and reflected on this crazy, new chapter I was about to open. I arrived home with enough tim to giggle with Randy before our small wedding cast arrived.

Randy's witness, Steve, an old friend, arrived first. Then came Dave, our friend & Wedding Officiant. Next it was Annie, my witness and friend since age six. Our friends Skye & Sarah arrived with camera equipment in tow. Soon it was time to dial up The Dads on Skype in Kansas City & Oaxaca, Mexico. Now we only had to wait for The Moms to arrive. They are the most exiting part in this because they had no idea.

Our moms thought they were coming over for a look at our bathroom and to offer advice before a dinner reservation. When each arrived we told them. We cried a lot and hugged each other tightly.

Our ceremony was short and took place in our dining room in front of our fireplace. When Dave started the ceremony I remember reaching into my pockets & squeezing my hands open & closed a few times to make sure it was really happening. I could hardly believe it.

Randy's vows made me cry, I think mine watered him up a little bit too. Everyone applauded when we were announced as married, we corked a bottle of champagne, signed the license and had a few photos taken.

Dinner was amazing. It was just us and The Moms. We were treated like royalty and there were all sorts of crazy presents waiting for us at the table...wine, champagne, Peonies...it was lovely.

A wedding more perfect couldn't have been imagined. I am so lucky and in love with such a great man. And with that, I am confident we have many years of wedded bliss ahead.



  1. Great story! Cheers to a fabulous life together

  2. Oh Doll... Congrats and thank you for sharing such a beautiful and private story... May your lives be blessed with many more gifts!!! My thoughts and love to you both!!! ~Valerie Bice

  3. Lovely Dahli! Truely lovely! I amd so happy for you because I know this is exactly how you imagined it! Hopefully you have some time together now to break in your marriage! Can't wait to see you to hear more!
    Jennifer Magner

  4. my heart is singing with happiness for you. love!

  5. How absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing. Love to you both and here's to a very happy forever-ever! CHEERS!

  6. That's a fantastic wedding story. But we need more pictures! And what are you wearing? Even for a small wedding a girl has to share the details :) congrats and well done. Love and blessings on you both.

  7. oh dahli! This is just beautiful, thank you for sharing such an intimate moment in a way that makes me feel ike I was right there in the room. Congratulations, I just am so happy for you both as you set out on this adventure.