08 April 2010

An Open Apology.

Recently in conversation with someone I had a recollection. This person & I had been out of touch which was silly because we live a mere 3 miles apart. As we were were pledging to do better I laughed out loud & heard myself say, "I don't think I'll call you-- I don't like talking on the phone." This was news to my consciousness.

There was a time when I would talk on the phone so many hours that my cell phone bill would be sky high every month from going over my minutes. (This was obviously in the early days of cell phones as now there are so many unlimited plans that there is no reason to go over; these days, I think I may go under). I would spend my evenings catching up with friends from college or sometimes I would randomly call someone I hadn't spoken to in a long time, just to reconnect. I talked with my friend Jenny nearly everyday even though we lived thousands of miles apart. Currently I'm pretty sure I owe Jenny a phone call & I'm also pretty sure it's from several weeks ago. Sorry Jenny.

This seems to be the pattern. Someone calls, leaves me a message & I don't respond. I think about it, I make a plan to, but I just never execute it. I guess that the days of 6 hour phone conversations (Junior High) or talking until the sun comes up (falling in love) are probably over for me.

So to Jenny & all the others who I haven't called back, or took several days or weeks to do so, know that it's not you, it's me. It's something I know I need to get better at & while I'm not pledging to do so just yet, I will soon enough.


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