04 August 2010

Thirty Two

As I write this I will confess that I am indeed mildly hungover.

I had too much wine last night as I enjoyed our new porch & the fact that I have nothing major to do except to sit, laugh & tell stories alongside my handsome husband and our great next door neighbors.

Oh, and it was my birthday. Thirty Two.

However, a birthday on the heels of an amazing & beautiful wedding reception is really pretty anti-climactic. So we just bummed around all day, hosted National Night Out & then drank entirely too much wine & giggled until about 3am.

What an idealic day, pure bliss.

There is a part of me that feels the need to write a list of some sort to commemorate the new year of my life. A to do list of sorts, or a list of Hopes & Dreams for year 32 of my life. But I start to write it & there are very few things to jot down. This is because at this moment in my life, everything seems absolutely stunningly fine. I live in a fantastic house with an amazing man who I am married to. We both have jobs we enjoy, great friends, and amazing family. I love our life.

And with that, Happy Birthday to me.


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