09 March 2011


Having been swallowed nearly whole by the atrocity of this year's Minnesota Winter, I think I may have been spit out. I hope.

While it seems obvious that copious amounts of snow (60+ inches here this winter - no joke) would cause one to hole up in their house with good music, a handsome husband & cable on demand until The Great Thaw, it seems that such events might also move one to blog.

Not so much.

I came here everyday, though not to write, but to check my blogroll for newly updated blogs to read.  Don't worry, I've still been writing, just more focused on journaling.

I guess I just misplaced my Bloggles*.

But alas, I found them; they are back on my face & I am seeing the world again with eyes wide for blogging material.


*I believe the term "Bloggles" was coined by an old college classmate of mine, Beth, a few years back by way of comments on another classmate, Jill's blog. Kind of brilliant, right?