25 June 2011

Yo La Tengo

Ira of Yo La Tengo
I always love a good rock show.

But tonight, (sigh), what magic. 

Georgia, Ira + James.

No opener, two sets with just me, them & about 200 people. We were all super sweaty from dancing and the summer heat.

At the start of the show they spun a Wheel of Fortune style wheel to determine what the set would be. "S Songs" was the winner, meaning only songs that start with "S" would be played. This insured a favorite, "Stockholm Syndrome" to be played & when it was I closed my eyes intermittently, dancing and singing along, pretty unaware of my surroundings. Yes, I was That Girl. But only for That Song.

I stood in front, 2nd row, for the entire first set smiling with a giddiness I haven't experienced over live music since all ages shows at First Avenue during high school and early college.  A few songs into the second set I gave up my fantastic vantage point for cooler air in the back accompanied by drunkards laughing and talking over the magical music.  But it didn't matter; Yo La Tengo was playing.


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