30 March 2007

the green goose & the havoc she reaps

clipped garage
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I've had my driver's license for about 11 years. In those years I have had 4 cars: 1 mazda, 2 Subarus & my current, a Ford affectionately named "The Green Goose" by my handsome partner in crime.
I have been in 3 accidents involving other vehicles. One was my fault, one wasn't & the other was winter's fault (icy, icy road). I have had my lovely Ford Thunderbird (The Green Goose, TGG) for nearly 2 years. TGG has never been in an acident involving another vehicle, though she has managed to be involve herself in other kinds. In the time I have owned this car I have managed to hit not one, but three inanimate objects involving backing out of parking spaces. WTF?! The first time I was super tired & I "forgot" that there was a pole to the left of my car as I backed out of an underground parking space turning a little too soon(who needs poles in underground parking ramps?!). I made a nice little dent just past the driver's side door. This was in August, 2005. The next one occured in December, 2006. It was a similar situation though I wasn't tired, I was christmas shopping & I swear to you, this pole moved a few inches towards TGG while I was shopping. I clipped the driver's side front corner pretty good. No light bulbs were broken, but the cover of my parking light did fall off. The most recent (& hopefully final) occured this afternoon.
I was pulling TGG out of our garage & began to turn about 6 inches too early. Needless to say, I tore the trim from the garage & made yet another dent in my car, this time the passenger's side corner. I really, really need to tell my landlord about it. The garage as a structure is fine. The door closes fine...but the trim..sheesh. well, you can see it.
My car? Oh whatever. Once upon a time I took pride in it. That went away after hitting pole number 2 & after this afternoon's incident I have begun to seriously think about purchasing a new car. Not because I want a new car to dent up; I really have never done this to a car before. These dents are really not my fault, they're TGG's fault. She's too big for me. Bigger than any other car I've had before & I need to go back to a smaller, japanese car. A Subaru Impreza Outback - I'm hoping for October. I'll keep you posted. xoxx

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  1. Oh dear. Dahli, that's not good!

    We got a volvo station wagon about 6 months ago and I hate driving it. It's so big to me. I feel like I'm never quite sure where all she is, you know?