31 March 2007

great conversations with cabbies

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I locked my keys in my car this evening when I was downtown for a simple little outing to see one of my favorite local bands, Roma Di Luna. Luckily, Handsome Randy was doing sound for the show so when their set was done I grabbed his house keys & jumped in a cab en route to our house to retrieve my spare car key & then back to the club to return his keys & drive my car home.
Whenever I take a cab I have a tendency to chat up the driver, "How's you're night going? Is it busy?" etc. Hakeem (the cab driver I had this evening) & I hit it off pretty good tonight. My "How's you're night so far?" ice breaker led to a fantastic discussion covering a range of topics including the 08' presidential election to the hassles our families give us for not being married at our ripe ages of 27 & 28 (his family hassles him much more than mine) to our favorite neighborhoods to live in Minneapolis & why we love them. All of this in 20 minutes. We had so much to say that when we arrived at my car we sat in the cab for a couple minutes finishing up our conversation. Funny. He graciously allowed me to take his photo & we said good-bye. xoxx

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  1. This is one of the things I love about you, Dahli. Your ability to talk to strangers and make connections with people. I love your stories of people you've talked to in airports and Targets.

    Sometimes when I'm in public, I'm all in a zone, and I hope no one talks to me. I often challenge myself to be more Dahli-like.