08 April 2007

P is for Procrastination.

The first time heard of the word procrastinate I was about 9 or 10. My mom joking called me a procrastinator. I asked her what that meant & she said "It means that you put things off until the very last second." This was so very true of me at time & still is to this day.
At this moment, I have a plethora of things to do as my work is in a pretty big deal fashion show this coming wednesday. I feel good about where i'm at, but I'd feel better if I was working on it all right now.
But instead, I'm blogging.
If I wasn't blogging, I'd be surfing the internet.
If I wasn't surfing the internet, I'd be watching a movie I've seen a million & one times.
If I weren't doing that, well, I'd find something else that is not working on my designs to occupy me while I stress out in the back of my mind.
i'm good at it. Really good at justifying too. "I need to have a clean house in order to be productive," & then I'll spend 3 hours deep cleaning our kitchen. Or, "I do need to run to Target & get that one thing, I should do that first so it's out of the way" so i do that, but I also stop at my grandpa's, my aunt's, my mom's & maybe a high school friend, just cause I was in the neighborhood & it is a nice gesture to stop by and visit once in a while.
Try as I might, procrastinating is just a part of who I am & in many instances I do my best work in the wee hours of the morn' before a big deal event. So, i suppose it's better to embrace & laugh about it that to fight it.
In the meantime, there is some laundry to be done before I get back to work. xoxx.

P.S. For information on the "Big Deal Event" I've referenced in this post, go to http://www.voltagefashionamplified.com

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