13 April 2007

Hard Work Pays off

Even with a little bit of procrastination all of my work was done on time for Voltage Fashion Amplified 2007. The show was last night & went off without a hitch to a sold out crowd.

The above photo is of the Minneapolis band, The Plastic Constellations. Designing for them was my purpose in Voltage this year. Just in case you can't read their tees from L to R: I heart The Goods, I heart Danger, I Heart Dragons, I heart Spreadsheets.

In this photo are the Limited Edition Tees I designed & created to be sold as part of Fashion Weekend in conjunction with Voltage. From L to R: I heart Vinyl, I heart Sound, I Heart My Bike, I Heart Danger. To you Minneapolitans, the Tees are for sale at Cliche on 24th & Lyndale in Uptown. (Handsome models can be spotted at Fifth Element record store in Uptown.) xoxx

p.s. not enough visuals? go to myspace.com/reinvintaged & see a quick little video of the reinvintaged/TPC segment at Voltage 2007.

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  1. These shirts are GREAT, Dahli! Congratulations! Oh exciting to see your work on people, huh? I'm thrilled for you. Good luck with all the designing!