18 July 2007


I have this strange requirement to have a daily chocolate experience.
Within the first hour of every shift I work I find myself craving a chocolate chip cookie. So I ring in a cookie & run to the kitchen to retrieve it. Our sous chef, charlie hands the cookie to me with a smile while he tells me my cookie intake concerns him. hmph.

Within moments of arriving at my grandfather's apartment I find myself milling about in his kitchen looking for his stash of choco-liebniz or le petit ecolier cookies. (when I was in college, gramps used to send me a box of le petite ecolier cookies every other week). he always has them, I always have one (or three).

tonight I went to a birthday celebration at a bar & a few hours into it decided I needed chocolate. "Hey Emily, wanna walk to SA with me to get a bag of M&M's?". It didn't happen, thankfully. But I truly felt that I needed chocolate in my drunken state.

As i write this I am eating a bowl of cocoa pebbles. cocoa pebbles make me a little less guilty than say a bag of m&ms would.

i like to tell myself that it's a need i have. chocolate: I need it. But deep down I know that it's ultimately a conditioned state.

If i didn't eat chocolate chip cookies at work for a week I probably wouldn't crave them anymore.

But, since I was a little girl my grandfather has been supplying me with choco-liebniz or le petit ecolier cookies...

As for the m&ms and needing them in the midst of bartime birthday party I have no explanation or excuse.

cocoa pebbles - I'll blame the champagne in a can I've been drinking all night long.


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  1. I DEFINATELY can relate:) But you're wrong about going w/o to get rid of craving--it's a cannabis cousin. Here's an article (scroll down toward the bottom): www.chocolate.org