03 July 2007

i am my father's daughter

i have many memories growing up of my dad taking family photos of our extended family (he'd set up a tripod & then run into the photo at the last second). The thing I remember most about these times is my dad perpetually saying "One More! Just in case!" Everyone grumbles, "Come on! You like em when you get em back! [meaning the photos] Just smile a little longer!", more grumbling but with smiles & the flashbulb continues to go off. And, everyone did love them when they were developed.

Handsome Randy arrived home from Australia last night after being gone for a little over 2 weeks. Prior to that he was home for a week after being gone for 2 months. We are elated with each other's company.
Last night we sat in our bedroom flipping through random cable & catching up with each other's stories. It was hot & he was super tired from the trip home. At one point he was laying on our bed with his head dangling over the side upside down watching tv. it was a great photo op, I thought. So, I pulled out the old polarioid & took a picture. He sighed but obliged.

I then jumped in & put the
camera on automatic timer.
But I didn't like the photo.
One More!

This was okay, but...
One More!

[HR sighs with a grumble]
Come On! You Always Like Them When You See Them!

& he did. xoxx


  1. Wow - you two never see each other! I'd be taking photos non-stop. You both look really happy. Miss you!