01 July 2007


the world is bizarre. things that seem as though they should never happen sometimes do & when they do it sticks with you. even if it is something that will never change your day to day life. the reality that what has happened has happened and you never imagined it. ever.
thursday night a woman who lived on the next block over was found dead in the apartment she shared with her husband. initially, her death was classified "suspicious" but was changed to homicide the next morning.
i am extremely interested in the case for obvious reasons thus I googled her name on Friday night finding a few newspaper articles, some weird blogs that linked to her myspace & friendster pages as well as her own webpage showcasing her design work. I initially wasn't going to view the more personal pages and I didn't. But then curiousity got the best of me. I wanted to see if I would recognize her so I visited her myspace. she looked a little famliar, but I think that's mostly because she looked as though she could have easily been my friend.
murder is a weird thing. we hear about it everyday in the news and pause over the heinousness and then move on. it rarely seems to happen to someone we know or can relate to. But the moment it does it touches you, even if it's only on your pinky finger, and it jars you.
i'm jarred.
This woman's murder really only touches my pinkiest of fingers, but I think about it all the time. sometimes in regards to my safety but mostly in regard to the fact that she seemed like someone who this would never, in a million years, happen to. she seemed a lot like me.

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