14 August 2007

tonight's event.

i am sitting in my dining room in the dark. All of the windows are open letting in the sound of water falling hard, flashes of light flood the room erratically and loud pops shake the house.
There is an amazing thunderstorm passing through and I am savoring every moment of it.
Lightning flashes at least 40 times per minute and the rumbling of thunder is constant with crashes that make me jump everytime. The wind is strong and the rain is heavy. Car alarms are going off from vibrations. People shreik as they run through the storm to their houses. Cars swish through the streets as they slowly drive to their destinations. Our porch door is blown shut and the hanging plant & birdfeeder are swaying back and forth fast and furious.
oh, how i love it.
I turn on the television. "SEVERE WEATHER" flashes on the screen menacingly. The weatherman speaks of flash floods and funnel clouds. Meanwhile the crashes and flashes continue outside as the rain continues to pour. I hole up on the sofa to watch and listen as the storm reminds my city that mother nature still rules all. I am mesmerized.
The rain stops, only the drip drip drip from the gutters can be heard. There are still some flickerings and low rumblings as the storm moves on. Sirens whirl in the distance and the crickets are chirping again. she has left us.
Neighbors are milling about surveying the aftermath of the storm. We greet each other knowingly and proudly. We are proud of our weather and we know it's amazing.

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