30 October 2007


so last night i'm leaving my house and as I'm walking on the back walk I notice a softer, squishier step. I look back after about 10 feet and think i see a dead mouse.

whatever. I keep moving, get into my car & drive away.
A couple of hours later I arrive home & as I step through the gate onto the back walk I see it, a white mouse, definately deceased, lying on it's side.

hmph, I think, some owl will eat well tonight, and with that I go inside & I am in for the night.

Well, this morning, I leave the house and the mouse is still there. So, naturally I stop & take a photo (ha ha), then I pick it up by the tail and lay it in a much more comfortable spot: under a bush on a bed of leaves.

Rest in peace little mousy mouse.

call me crazy for any number of the actions described above, but it looked like someone's pet. While I've lived with mice & didn't really enjoy having them as housemates, it just didn't seem right to leave it lay on the walk to potentially be trampled on over and over.


p.s. sorry about the photo..but I had to show someone.


  1. Okay, the picture freaks me out a little, but I appreciate the sweetness of you tending to the mouse. I don't know of I am as freaked out as I am sad for Mousey.

    By the way, it's so fun to keep up with you online! What a nice little treasure blogs are.

  2. Noreen! hello, thanks for reading..& I too am finding blogs to be quite a treasure (especially in the cases of friends who live far away).
    Yes, poor Mousey Mouse. I guess it was just his/her time. xo