28 November 2007

Spin Class is going well, Thank You.

Remember this post? Yeah, well, as of last week I still hadn't stepped foot in a yoga studio or a spin class. But I was gently reminded of my agreement with myself regarding my "BP" as we walked into Thanksgiving Dinner #3 & people promptly asked me how spin & yoga are. hmmm, maybe I should go so I could tell them.

Later on I signed into my myspace page to find a comment from an old college friend asking yet again how spin class was going. I laughed outloud & showed the comment to Handsome Randy who asked what I was going to tell her. Nothing; how can you reply when the answer is "I don't know, I haven't gone"?

So, Monday morning I woke up early (for me) with the gracious help of Handsome Randy and, in a zombie state, I traveled to my local ywca to partake in early morning spin class. Though times have changed since last winter, now it is simply called "cycle". I felt so good when it was over and even called my friend Jenny to tell her about it.

So getting there the first time is tough, but sometimes going back can be harder. So true.
This morning I arrived at the Y about 30 minutes too late for spin, er, cycle, but I did have one hell of a workout on the elliptical. And for that I can thank Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" for making me move. When it came up on my Ipod playlist I moved and grooved and bopped my head as though I was on a dance floor. I can only imagine what the woman next to me thought as she read and ellipticized. I feel really great & I almost am looking forward to the elliptical & deceptacon tomorrow morning.

Thanks for asking me about spin & yoga - if you hadn't I might still be putting off my BP action plan until next week, or maybe the week after...



  1. You rule, Dahli.

    I am sitting here procrastinating going to the gym because I am grumpy about getting back to Tacoma 10 minutes too late for yoga AGAIN.

    You have inspired me to go! I hope I can get a treadmill with a TV.

  2. I hope you can get a treadmill with a tv too..that makes it go so much faster. But you, my friend, inspire me too..everytime I think of putting off going to the gym until tomorrow I think of you getting up at 5:30 so you can go to yoga..it works.