02 December 2007

*first snow*

I woke up this morning to a lovely snowfall. It snowed all day and into the night leaving us with a nice foundation of 5 - 8 inches for winter. how lovely.

This is the piece of winter that I love and appreciate more every year. The snow and what it brings out in people is quintessential to Minnesota. This morning when I pulled my sorels and trudged through the fresh snow I felt like I was earning my stripes. I don't think I'm alone in that.

And then there's the conversations with strangers you randomly have about the snow. Everyone has a story, whether it be about shoveling their car out this morning or how much snow their sister said she got up in Hackensack. It's fantastic, and every said conversation I overhear or partake in leaves me with a wide grin and happy to be living in Minnesota.

But what I love the most is the quiet that comes with a snowfall. You step outside and there's a quiet that is unlike any other kind. A soft crackling in the background as the snow continues to fall and settle in. Maybe a shoveler or two in the distance, but for the most part there is a soft and beautiful silence. This is remarkable and something that everyone can speak to. It almost makes you forget how cold it is. The winter activity I savor the most are late night walks after or during a snowfall. The snow sparkles as light hits it, the air is crisp and doesn't seem as cold as it truly is, and there is only the sound of snow. it takes your breath away.



  1. I love the quiet of snow. It is one of my favorite things about cross country skiing. But you expect it then.

    Snow in the city, at night, it's magic.

    miss you...hliv

  2. so nice to hear form you heather!

  3. I love that you go out and appreciate your world like that.

    Sometimes I wish we got more snow. But then I'd have to also wish for the infrastructure to handle it so that the world could continue, not collapse as it does when we get over an inch.