17 January 2008

a mini-break in the great northwoods

Northern Minnesota is a magical place anytime of year. But the solitude & silence that one encounters way up there in the middle of winter almost makes the snow on the tree branches sparkle.

Handsome Randy & I spent a couple days in Grand Marais, MN earlier this week. We arrived on Monday evening just after everyone finished digging out of the two feet of snow that fell on Sunday. This gave us a beautiful backdrop as we snowshoed through a few state parks on Tuesday.

The weather was glorious: a warm 20 degrees with the lightest of snow falling. and we stayed in a lovely little cabin right on Lake Superior! It was an amazing & relaxing time with minimal cell phone service (very nice for a woman whose partner loves his blackberry) and a lot of scrabble and giggling.


for more photos from our trip go here


  1. Wow. This gives me a momentary pang for MN--but then I remember the exact bitterness of the cold, and I'm back to worshiping the gray winters of the NW :)

  2. that sounds awesome!

  3. Awesome, very jealous of such a pretty vacation. And I'm a big believer in minimal cell phone reception on vacation. After baby was born and husband FINALLY got his two weeks off, he got a phone call from his boss EVERY day. Usually more. Stupid boss, there are some benefits to being unemployed :)

  4. I'm so glad you finally got the Bonafide True Love Minibreak you were wanting for so long!

  5. zerd: The bitterness gives us stripes on our sleeves and helps you live longer..or so they say.
    Shannon: HI! Thanks for stopping by!
    Jenny: Yes, the work calling on while on vacation can be a big bummer indeed, the biggest bummer of them all, actually.
    JennyJ.: I'm glad too - much needed and appreciated!