07 January 2008

sickie, that's me.

This is what I get for thinking things like "You should drink more tea," or "Take better care of yourself," as the majority of my comrades announced that they were sick. Well, apparently I should have had more tea and taken better care of myself as I have been battling for the last week and tonight I have finally been knocked down. I have a fever, the chills - the whole bit. And the Chicken Angel Hair Noodle Soup from Jasmine Deli I lunched on this afternoon didn't do the wonders I had hoped.

Off to bed.



  1. Dude. I feel for you.

    Apropos of nothing, I keep seeing your lovely xmas card referenced in the comment sections of various blogs.

    I did not get one. What gives?

  2. what?! You should have gotten one! I promptly sent them out by the 17th! I will send you another one pronto!