06 January 2008

Dallas Frenzy.

This is what Handsome Randy & I look forward at the end of most of our weekdays.

It started as a half witted joke between us one evening when we stumbled upon it. Now it has evolved into something we look forward to & make sure we don't miss.

We're really into it.

We loathe J.R. & Cliff while cheering on Sue Ellen, Bobby & Pam, and we love Miss Ellie. We have even referenced The Official Dallas Website regarding the family tree and back stories.

I grew up watching Dallas with my mom on Friday nights. During the opening credits I would strut in front of our living room mirror flipping my hair and pretending to be Pam or Jenna. So the love was already there on my part - it just needed to be re-tapped.

Tune in if your up, every weekday night/morning at 3am on Soapnet.



  1. You know, from a distance and the small picture you have here, it looks like you in the red dress and Handsome Randy in the suit off your one shoulder. Long shot? Definitely but for a moment I thought your entry was going to be about how you photoshopped yourselves into your favorite 80s prime time soap.

  2. ha! Awesome! That's a great idea..xo