10 January 2008

'twas a doozy

Being in the restaurant industry I have had some pretty tough times at work. But nothing like tonight. Tonight my I left my shift wanting to quit on the spot & never look back. Tonight I became so angry that I needed to go in the bathroom and a have a mini-cry. The difference between tonight's shift & the others? Tonight's shift problems and frustrations had to do with one of the higher ups of my lovely place of work (not being sarcastic, it is quite lovely) while the others were purely to do guests**.

On the bright side, I feel proud of how I handled myself and that I spoke up in a professional and respectful manner. What I don't feel good about is that the same treatment was not bestowed upon me.


My solution to this:
Well, I am not quitting - the flexibility and fun far outweigh how upset I am. But, a stiff drink with a good listener followed with a really nice hot bath have nearly done the trick (& writing this helps too). I will now ice it all by watching DALLAS with Handsome Randy. And as far as at work, well, I just nod yes and then do what I think is right & that's advice straight from my grandpa.

**My apologies for the lack of juicy details regarding this matter, but this is the internet afterall, and well, you just never know.

Oh, and we also bought a new car today (before I went to work). That helps too. But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.



  1. Just do the best you can and know that so many others know how fabulous you are. I hope something else pops up for you soon.

    I totally admire your positive attitude!