25 February 2008

re: Oscar Night!

Wow! No Country For Old Men kinda swept: Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay & Supporting Actor! Cheers to my fellow Minnesotans, Joel & Ethan Coen! Thanks for reviving and modernizing the beloved genre of Western.

I was happy with all the winners. Javier Bardem & Marion Cotilliard's speeches made me cry and Tilda Swinton's made me laugh. As far as dresses go, Helen Miren & Hillary Swank get my vote for Best Dresses with Jessica Alba as runner up. But Handsome Randy & I kicked ourselves when Jon Stewart mentioned Jessica Alba's pregnancy just as we finished commenting that her dress wasn't very flattering because it made her look pregnant. Oops, I guess it looks lovely.

Regarding Diablo Cody's win for Best Original Screenplay for Juno: "HOLY SHIT!!" was my response. I am sincerely happy & feel that it's deserved. As for my comments in my last posting regarding Juno, well, I stand behind them. I would have been disappointed if the film would have won for Best Picture, Director, or if Ellen Page would have won for Best Actress. The film was not Oscar worthy for those categories. But for Screenplay, that's were it should win and I'm glad it did.

Happy Oscars!