24 February 2008

Oscar Night!

I enjoy Oscar night to the point that I'm kind of a nerd about it. I used to go to Oscar parties but I always got frustrated when people talked during the speeches. so, tonight Handsome Randy & I are going to make a nice dinner and sit on our sofa oohing and aahing over the dresses (okay, that will probably be just me) and cheer for faves.

I try to see all the nominated films before the program, and this year I did a pretty good job, 11 out of 19. The 8 that I didn't get to see were no longer in the theatres by the time the nominations were announced. Sadly, I only saw 2 of 5 films that hold Best Actress nominations and 2 of the 5 that hold Supporting Actress nominations. These are my two favorite categories probably due to my own acting background. I digress.

Here are my picks* for the categories which I was able to see all the nominated films.
Picture: There Will Be Blood or No Country for Old Men
Director: Diving Bell and The Butterfly or There Will Be Blood
Cinematography: Diving Bell and The Butterfly
Supporting Actor: Hal Holbrook, Into The Wild

*My picks do not equal predictions, they are the films that I would vote for if I were a member of The Academy.

On Juno
There a lot of peeps out there rooting for Juno. I loved Juno. But I don't think it was an especially intricate film and I suppose I'm a little elitist in that I feel Oscar Wins should be intricate and challenging projects executed perfectly.
Yes, it was funny, of course it was. I laughed the whole way through. But I put it in the same place as Superbad and Napoleon Dynamite and I don't think those are Oscar worthy films either, though they do have a special place in my heart. This film just had good timing in that it was light, refreshing and in the genre of quirky/funny/nerdy-hipster that has finally warmed into the mainstream. And for that it highly deserves credit.



  1. I am the opposite. I've seen none of the movies, although I read the plots on various spoiler websites. The most recent movie? Oceans 13, on DVD, earlier this month. Babies hell on the pop culture knowledge!

  2. I hear that a major side effect of babies are what you described above...ah, but who needs movies when you have a little one changing and doing new things every day?!