20 February 2008

a view from the street, er, your computer.

Recently I received an e mail from my college pal, Ted. He & his lovely lady, Flora are moving into a bigger & better apartment in Brooklyn. Sweet. I bought them a postcard wishing them well in their new space and as I scrawled their address I decided to google map it & get a better idea of which part of Brooklyn they are in. So I did. A map came up as well as a "street view" link.
I clicked on this weird link and like magic, a photo of their block, all the buildings, everything, comes up. I can even pan the photo as if I am turning my head. If I wanted to, I could call Ted up right now and ask him if he's been to that kabob shop downstairs yet, because if he hasn't he should - their lamb kabobs are amazing and that crazy sign is really hard to read.

Ha. That would really freak him out.

Now, don't get too excited. Google Maps Street View is only up and running for a few select cities: NY, LA, San Francisco, Miami & Minneapolis. Yes Minneapolis. We have truly made it! I street viewed our house and surmised that the Minneapolis photos were taken sometime in July as our lovely hanging plant was hanging on our porch and still lovely (I bought it in early July and killed it sometime in August). Also, the 35W bridge is still standing (a freaky thing to see) so they were obviously taken before August 1.

This is the intersection close to our house that is home to many good restaurants. If you pan to the right you'll see Jasmine 26, our fav.

Happy Google Map Street Viewing!


  1. Isn't the Street View thang craxy kool? I stumbled on it last week, then spent the next TWO HOURS playing with it:) Pdx also has it, but not my little town of Hillsboro, although you CAN see the house I grew up in, in good ol' Greenwood, IN.

  2. yes! I spent about two hours playing with it too..so fun.