15 February 2008

heat wave.

We have had a quite a cold spell here in Minneapolis in recent weeks. I think that most of January was spent in temperatures between 10 (yes, just plain old 10) and negative ___ (you fill in the blank). Add in the wind chill factor & your bones are even cold. Seriously.
I'm at the point in this season where I have stopped listening to the weather. I just know I need to wear thick black tights, a couple layers on top, and not to leave home without my mittens, hat and scarf or I'll be really sorry.

But the last couple of days have felt really warm. I even walked outside for a few blocks yesterday with my jacket unzipped and it felt really nice. I didn't really make a conscious thought of what the temperature actually was, I just knew it felt pretty warm in comparison to recent weeks.
Last night I was waiting on a group of people from Orange County, California. It was a beautiful night: huge snow flakes falling from the sky and pretty warm outside for winter, I thought. This group was sitting at a table surrounded by windows. At some point I encouraged them to enjoy the beautiful night. They stared at me blankly and one woman said, "Beautiful?! It's cold!"
"Do you think so?" I said.

She explained that they were from Orange County and that their hotel was 3 blocks away and the concierge encouraged them to walk and it was a tought experience. It is a short walk, three blocks. But not to 4 Orange County residents in 15 degrees.

Yes. This heat wave, this warm weather what I galavanted down the street with an unzipped coat and my hat and mittens in my bag was fifteen degrees.



  1. I have to wonder what your reaction would be to a Pacific Northwest Summer or even...dare I say...a SoCal summer? After your body believing that 15 degrees is warm, I think you are entitled to a vacation destination to where the temperature is at least 50 degrees...year round!

  2. Our summers are pretty hot and humid here. The extremities in weather in the upper midwest is pretty amazing that way. Summers so hot & humid that some nights your bed sheets are warmer than you and winters so cold that when it warms to 15 above everyone's out in shorts! This is why I love Minnesota weather.
    But a mid-winter vacation in a warmer climate would be okay too... :)

  3. Ha! That's hilarious.

    Funny that you thought 15 was warm, and "funny" that those stoopid californians could not see cold as beautiful.