27 March 2008

what i wish.

i wish that it would stop being winter.

the snow melted last week, then it snowed what seemed to be a million and one inches the following day.

Currently, the snow is nearly gone again (as it should be; it's practically april), and what is tomorrow's weather forecast? SNOW.



  1. 70ish today...again...get your cold self out here and warm up! :)

  2. It's unseasonably wet here in Hong Kong. Nothing like what you folks in N. USA are all feeling at the moment though. I'm getting similar chatter from friends and family in the NW. More snow this week and spring no where in sight. I have to say that is one thing I don't miss about where we lived back in the US: wet, cold, dreary a lot.
    Having said that, check back with me this summer when I can't stop complaining about the heat and humidity here in Hong Kong. I'll long for those NW daze!

  3. Dude. It's snowing HERE. Serious, big, fat, quarter-sized flakes, and it's COLD.

    Why is Mother Nature so mad at us?

  4. camille: yeah, I know how warm LA is..I'll get back there sometime soon..in the meantime: I'm green with envy.
    E & Jenny: Seriously. This is one crazy ending to winter! Last year at this time it was in the 60s in MN & I'm sure the PNW was similar!